The "Let Us Pay You!" Referral Program

We would not be where we are without clients like you who believe in us...Now we can say Thank You if you send business our way

For every new prospect you refer to us and they sign up, we will pay YOU $200 EVERY month for as long as they, and you remain clients with us.

So Here's How This Stacks Up

1 referral = $ / month = $2,400 / year

2 referrals = $400 / month = $4,800 / year

5 referrals = $1,000 / month = $12,000 / year

10 referrals = $2,000 / month = $24,000 / year

You get the idea. We take referrals very seriously around here


In our experience, others we work with best and help the most, are referred by existing clients like YOU.

Plus, your referral will have access to our SUCCESS ACADEMY and all of our bonus trainings and special "Client-only" offers


DO YOU KNOW any business who would benefit from recovering AT LEAST $50,000 IN REVENUE?


When someone is referred to us by you, we provide them with the same BUSINESS BREAKTHROUGH STRATEGY SESSION and SUCCESS BLUEPRINT taht you received plus other goddies...all customized to their organization


***Just fill out the form to the right and we'll reach out immediately to your important referral! Plus, if they become a client, we'll be sure to start sending your monthly "Thank You" gifts as well!

First, Your Information
Now, who are you referring to us?

How This Works For You

Terms & Conditions For This Referral Program:

1. Referrers must be an active client to benefit from the program.

2. The referred client receives the offer as stated above and they can in turn refer others and benefit from the program.

3. Monthly referral bonuses will be paid the following month by direct payment. They are not deducted from your account balance.

4. If the referred client cancels their account, you will lose their referral relationship bonus even if they return at a later date.

5. If the referred client suspends their account, the bonus is also paused until they return. Both parties must be active to receive a bonus.

6. For the referral to count you must introduce us via email/text AND fill out the form above. If either of these conditions are not met, our referral software cannot track it and you will miss out on the referral payment.

7. If you refer someone who filled out a new client form or online profile prior or, has already attended a session, the referral credit does not count.

8. If you call the person you are referring before sending the email instructions, they will be much more likely to sign up :)